• Food Service Price List 2020

    *Prices may be changed at any time without further notice. We reserve the right to change our product's prices at any time without further notice.*

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  • Grocery

    Featuring store of dry product essentials of quality value a wide choice of convenience items for education and care caterers. Canned and dried ingredients, to ready to use sauces, soup powders, cakes and dessert mixes, biscuit selections, crisps and confectionary. Plus, popular products such as canned and bottled drinks including reduced sugar and school compliant, diabetic and dietary and vegetarian ranges as well as specialist Kosher products

  • Frozen

    Hannah Foods prides itself on its vast frozen food range of products offering a full range of products covering retail “fast food” international Kebabs burger and ranges to frozen, vegetables, fruit, fish, breads (including artisan products), buffet items cakes, meat and poultry desserts and pastries. Our range covers all sectors offering convenience and quality as well as great value. All your needs are met from snacking solutions, gluten free ranges, wraps, bagels and a wide range of potato products – we have the convenience solution.

  • Chilled

    A wide range of products, offering high welfare ethically sourced items for all services including chilled essentials, butters and cheeses as well as cooked sliced meats, bacon and deli products. We offer a convenient solution of fillings and spreads, plus branded drinks, yoghurts including children’s food items compliant for education. Our chilled range will suit all menus and we would be pleased to discuss with you specific stock items you may require.

  • Meat and Butchery

    Our fresh meats are sourced locally and have high welfare accreditation. Importantly you have full traceability and provenance for every product. We are happy to provide exacting specifications on cuts of meat and work to your requirements in terms of lean and extra lean as well as specialist artisan beef, lamb and poultry products. Our delivery to you will be in our multi temp controlled vehicle alongside the rest of your food order. Click on the below document to display the fresh meat price list.

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  • Fresh Produce

    Our supply of local fruit and vegetables is important to us and we aim to source a wide range of fresh produce when in season within the region or sourced from other parts of the t UK.  We have access to a large international supplier base for produce not grown or produced in UK and can fulfil your requirements with hundreds of product varieties – and deliver as per your schedules at highly competitive prices.

  • Non food

    Servicing all your catering service needs from kitchen consumables, cleaning chemicals to janitorial supplies. We offer ‘food to go’ packaging solutions including bespoke ranges on request. We are happy to discuss your requirements whether high volume best value items or more exclusive high-quality ranges we will help. We are very aware how packaging and disposables impact our environment and can provide recyclable or compostable low carbon packing.

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